Since it came into force in 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) remains a source of concern for companies and associations of all sizes.
Compliance with these regulations requires considerable resources, both financial and human.

At Bardin Consulting, our support solutions are transparent and tailored to your needs.

RGPD audit: Budget to plan

The RGPD audit is a crucial step, as it establishes an inventory of your compliance. 
Les coûts peuvent varier selon la taille de l'entreprise et la complexité des données traitées. 
Notre forfait d'audit débute à partir de 1 800 € H.T et inclut une cartographie complète des données et un plan d'action détaillé.

Direct and Hidden Costs of Compliance

In-house RGPD compliance is a complex and costly process.
From employee training, which can cost up to €900 per person per day, to the appointment of a DPO (Data Protection Officer), the costs add up quickly.
The costs of external DPO services offered by consultants and lawyers can be prohibitive. 
They can charge around €900 per day for a package of services, plus €200 per hour for legal aspects. 

At Bardin Consulting, we offer year-round DPO support to ensure that registers are kept up to date and that all information is accessible.

Maintaining Compliance: An Ongoing Cost

RGPD compliance is an ongoing effort.
Internal compliance entails various obligations, such as creating a data processing register, updating contracts and setting up procedures for data subjects' rights. 

These tasks can quickly become overwhelming.

Among the most time-consuming steps are data archiving and employee awareness-raising.
The appointment of a DPO, when compulsory, represents an additional cost, particularly for small structures.
We offer a two- or three-part quotation including audit, compliance and maintenance over time. 
Our annual support includes regular audits, updates and advice on RGPD-related issues.

Hidden Costs and Additional Costs

Watch out for hidden costs such as impact analyses (AIPD), which can cost around €3,000 plus VAT each.
Make sure your quotation covers aspects such as updating activity sheets, contracts and ongoing employee training.

The Bardin Consulting Solution

We offer 360° RGPD support, tailored to the size and sector of your organization.

Our rates are competitive and transparent, designed to make RGPD compliance accessible, especially to VSEs/SMEs.